Inode Limits for All Unlimited Hosting Plans

What is an inode? In simple words, each inode usually equals one file, folder, email or any other object in a file system. The number of inodes indicates the number of files and folders you have. This includes everything on your account, emails, email attachments, files, folders, anything you store on the server.

How can I see how many Inodes I am using? Once you login to your CPanel (hosting control panel), you will see the "Statistics" section towards the right. The first item in this section is "Inodes" and it shows you how many inodes you have used out of the inodes allocated to your account.

How can I reduce the Inode count? By simply deleting any unnecessary old/spam emails or files you no longer need.

How many inodes are allowed in my account? Each unlimited account now has the following inode limits:

Unlimited Personal - 50,000 Inodes
Unlimited Basic - 100,000 Inodes
Unlimited Enhanced - 200,000 Inodes
Unlimited Pro - 300,000 Inodes

What happens if I reach these inode limits? Once your account reaches these inodes limits, you will no longer be able to upload any more files onto your account. All incoming emails will also remain undelivered and shall be held in queue for 48 hours or until you clean inodes on your account - whichever is first.

Please note; Chances are, you will use well below these limits and your account will never use all the inodes allocated. However, it is still a good idea to check periodically or contact us via phone or email if unsure about anything.

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